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'Silk and Barbed Wire'
by Various Authors

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A compilation, by The Royal Airforce's ex POW Association ( Australian Division ), of the stories of twenty-two Allied airmen shot down in World War II over Europe, their survival in prisoner of war camps, their attempts to escape, and their final liberation. More details are available here 'Silk and Barbed Wire'.

'A Bomber Command Survivor'
by Squadron Leader Stanley E. Harrison DFC DFM

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The book details the rigorous ordeal facing a team of young men in one of history’s blackest times. The thrills, anguish, hope and relief of each mission is vividly captured, and there’s also a glimpse of wartime England, the development of aircraft of the era and various innovations. Further details are available here 'A Bomber Command Survivor'

'Bombs and Barbed Wire'
by Wilf Hodgson

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This book tells the story of Wilf Hodgson, who was shot down over France in WW II, and sheltered by the Resistance, but later captured by the Gestapo.   He was eventually liberated by the Russian Army at the age of 21, having endured the chaos at the end of the Third Reich.  It is a remarkable and individual story of survival, in the proud tradition of the RAAF.   Further details are available here 'Bombs and Barbed Wire'

'Halfway to Heaven'
by Fred Hoinville

What do surfing and flying have in common? Fred Hoinville pondered this at Bondi Beach between breakers, and his curiosity would change his life irrevocably. (Thomas Cappell, Australian Flying July/August 1999 )

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Sage Pages latest release is a classic autobiography of Australia's first commercial skywriter and Gliding champion 'Halfway to Heaven' by Fred Hoinville. Australian aviation in the 40's and 50's.

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