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'A Bomber Command Survivor'

by Stanley E. Harrison DFC DFM

The wartime reminiscences of a Bomber Command Pilot

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Stanley Harrison is not the kind one would expect to have had an illustrious career as a bomber pilot.
The soft-spoken man now lives quietly in Shelley, where he spends much of his time growing magnificent roses. But a bomber pilot is exactly what he was in the dark days of World War II.
After being out of print for several years Sage Pages is currently reprinting his successful book, 'A Bomber Command Survivor', which encompasses this most frightening period in living history. His involvement as an RAF Bomber Command pilot covered two full operational tours ( 27, 90, 61, 97 & 617  Squadrons )  and he was among the fortunate five per cent who emerged physically unscathed.
The book details the rigorous ordeal facing a team of young men in one of history’s blackest times. The thrills, anguish, hope and relief of each mission is vividly captured, and there’s also a glimpse of wartime England, the development of aircraft of the era and various innovations.


The Bob Baxter's Bomber Command website ( follow the links via the sitemap to the book reviews or direct to the review of A Bomber Command Survivor ).

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